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2015-2016 Universal Pre-Kindergarten Program Application

Submit this application for lottery by May 1, 2015. There is no income requirement.

Starting Date: September 8, 2015

Duration: 2.5 hours per day

Attendance: 5 days per week: Attendance is closely monitored. If a UPK student is frequently absent, they may be asked to give their space to a student on the waiting list.

School Year: Follows IRCSD Calendar.

Cost: There is no charge for the UPK program.

Eligibility: Child must reside within the Indian River Central School District and be 4 years of age on or before December 1, 2015.

Disability: Parents of a UPK child with a disability are encouraged to apply. All UPK children will initially be selected through the lottery draw system.

Transportation: Parents will be responsible for transporting students to and from the program.

School: Parents can choose the UPK Program at either Calcium, Evans Mills, or Philadelphia Primary School.

Notification of Acceptance: The lottery draw consists of the applications received between April 1 and May 1. Parents will be notified of their placement during the week of May 4th. You will be given a date and time to come to IRCSD for registration.

Waiting List: Any applicant that is not chosen through the lottery draw for placement will be added to a waiting list. The waiting list is created based on the date your application was received.

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